Interviews Matter

Of course, all of us understand that looking after children is so important that face-to-face interviews are a necessity for all nannies before they can start a job. These interviews don’t need to be with the family directly, agencies have the qualification and staff to thoroughly identify whether the position offered is suitable for you.

Unlike often perceived interviews are not only for the employer. After all it comes from the French s’entrevoir which means to see each other.  While the employer will of course see you, you will also see the employer which gives you the chance to get more information on the position and whether you can imagine committing to the job and enjoying your work. In the long run having realistic expectations at the interview and knowing what you want from a job can lead to a more fulfilling work life.

Going for interviews is always exciting that’s why we want to give you a little guide on Do’s and Dont’s for family and agency interviews and how to present yourself at your best.

Agency Interviews

Going for an agency interview can be daunting because it takes you out of your professional surrounding which often is a family’s home or a childcare centre and into an office environment. Don’t worry; even in the office they usually have normal human beings.

But since agencies look for professional nannies it is important to present you in a professional way including well organised documentation (resumes, qualifications, references), an appropriate appearance (being neat and well-groomed, dressing smart-casual) and an in-depth preparation. The preparation involves all steps beginning with a professional resume (see our tips on writing a resume here), research on the company website as well as general information on the position you are applying for. Read all information provided by the agency in detail and follow the given instructions to ensure the agency will fully appreciate you as the talent you are. Should you have any questions or require changes contact the company as soon as possible via e-mail or over the phone. You don’t want to give the impression to be unreliable or don’t care about the job.

When applying for the position as a Nanny the main focus should of course be on your child care experience. Think in advance about your caring style, its advantages and priorities and have a couple of examples ready to demonstrate your experience. Prepare a couple of questions that show that you are interested in the position and that you would like to get some specifics such as your entitlements when working as a Nanny for the agency, specific recommendations for situations and the next steps.

An agency usually wants to see that you understand your job and will be a suitable representative of the company in the family’s home. Tailor every answer towards this goal.

Family Interviews

Now just imagine that you go and see the family. The situation seems to be a lot more informal, you go into their house; there is no office, no set structure. Nevertheless be always aware that you are a professional presenting yourself in a professional way and maintaining professional boundaries. Since the first impression does matter, make it count. Keep in mind that the family wants to experience you as a Nanny. This could mean that will have their children with them and want to see you interacting with them. Be prepared and come dressed in comfortable but neat and professional clothes and bring your Nanny-Box full of toys and books with you if you have one (find our ideas for a Nanny box here).

It is important to apply all professional standards such as punctuality, professionalism and integrity in home interviews, too. In addition present yourself as authentic as possible since parents would like to know you as the person who will look after their children. Don’t try to be someone you won’t be when working for them, it makes everyone’s life a lot easier and gives you the opportunity to relax into the interview.

You can prepare questions about the daily routine, preferences, dietary specialities and the parents’ expectations and interact and engage with the children in case they are present. It is also advisable to bring along your resume, some form of ID and any childcare related qualifications you have. Anything that gives the parents a better insight into your personality and builds trust can be of advantage.

Bottom line is: We know it is exciting but don’t worry, take deep breathes and see it as an opportunity to show how great you are at being a Nanny. We know you can rock that interview.

What are your never fail tips for job interviews? Do you have an outstanding interview situation you would like to share? Or would you like to talk to us about more information on how to succeed in interviews? Leave your comment or contact us on

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