5 ways to calm your nerves before your job interview

5 ways to calm your nerves before your job interview

1-Learn about the company

It is very important to have a good understanding of the company you are wanting to work for, what they do and when they started. Going on their website is normally the best place to source this information. Make yourself familiar with it and you can even quote some of the information you have learnt about the company to the interviewer which is sure to impress them as they know you have prepared.

2-Give yourself plenty of travel time and try on your outfit the night before

Ensuring you are on time for your interview, 5 to 10 minutes early is a must! Its always a good idea to drive to the location before the day of the interview, time how long it took you to get there and note the parking in the area as well as traffic conditions. That way, on the day of your interview, you aren’t driving around lost or unable find suitable parking.

Also, try on your outfit the night before. It saves you trying to search for something suitable to wear half an hour before the interview. Preparation is key.

3-Get plenty of rest and make sure you eat

The night before the interview, it is a good idea to go to bed at a reasonable time to get enough rest, so you are switched on and ready to impress at your interview.

Eating before your interview is also a clever idea to get the extra boost of energy and not having to be in the interview with a rumbling tummy.

4-Practise responding to interview questions

Before your interview, it is a good idea to sit and try to pre-empt some of the questions they may ask during the interview and how you would respond to those questions. There will always be a few questions that can catch you off guard, but it is a good idea to try have some answers in your mind you don’t need to think about.


Always smile during the interview! It will help relax you and make a great impression.