Breaking news!

We have been asking our dedicated work team — our in-home child carers, a.k.a. our nannies — what they're looking for in an agency and from a family. 

These are the (loud and clear) results!

What our nannies want from families:

  • Pay on time
  • Pay every time
  • Pay legally
  • Complete superannuation, Work Cover, etc. details early and comprehensively.

What they appreciate from Placement Solutions:

  • Professional support from our dedicated liaison officer
  • Office support from our team
  • In-confidence discussion about new issues, problems and challenges.

Placement Solutions places great importance on supporting our skilled, experienced and compassionate nannies. We offer a sympathetic ear on the end of the telephone for five days a week, plus we keep them informed via our monthly newsletters. We also offer regular professional development, which is not only good for learning but also a great chance for networking.

Date: 21-January-2019 @ 5:26 am
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