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Placement Solutions can help you find the right Nanny and Household Manager jobs in Melbourne

Find childcare and Nanny jobs in Melbourne. We can match your skills to jobs on offer. If you are an experienced and highly qualified nanny seeking a job in Melbourne, we can help you find the right position with the right family.

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Wide variety of household positions

Placement Solutions can help you find a job as not just a Nanny or childcare provider, but also a variety of other household positions. We are always seeking qualified Household Managers and organisers along with full-time and part-time child carers. 

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Take a look at the categories below to find the one that suits your needs. Whether you are seeking employment as a Nanny, Household Manager, or organiser, the Placement Solutions recruitment team can help.

Additional Services

Placement Solutions also offers training and certification for nannies and those seeking employment as a Nanny. We also help foreign nannies find childcare jobs in Melbourne. 


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Webinar: How to become a highly paid and successful nanny

Your Guide to Childcare Jobs in Melbourne

Are you looking to learn more about working with children and available childcare jobs in Melbourne? If you are currently a nanny or looking to get your start in the childcare industry, take a few moments to watch the following webinar. Louise shares her insights regarding the Future of the Nanny Industry and jobs caring for children.

You will learn:

1. The 5 Key Attributes of the World's Most Highly Paid In-Home Care Professionals

2. The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Nannies

3. 6 Steps to Fast Track Your In-Home Care Career

4. The 3 Golden Rules for Professional Nannies




Webinar:  How to be a successful and highly paid nanny



Contact the Placement Solutions recruitment team for childcare and nanny jobs in Melbourne.