What is a Household Manager?

What is a Household Manager?

Not a cleaner, not a butler, not a PA...

Discover the secret that Melbourne's most successful people are keeping.

  • Do you sometimes wish you could clone yourself?
  • Yearn to get home and magically have the washing folded, dishwasher emptied, bills paid and dinner prepared...?
  • Or are you an Entrepreneur or executive who just wants to free up more time to spend on the things you value?

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Think your needs might be too complicated or specific? Not with us!

All Household Managers work as independant contractors, with the ability to negotiate days, hours and tasks required. 

So we are able to recruit specifically for a Household Manager to find your ideal fit! 


'Done For You' vs 'Do It Yourself'

'Done For You' vs 'Do It Yourself'

Does the thought of finding a Household Manager, negotiating contracts, then managing paying them make you break out in a cold sweat? 

Well good news - we can now do it all for you. 


The 'Executive' package - all done for you

Introducing our payroll partner Just Family Payroll. For families employing a Nanny or Household Manager – they take the complications out of paying your staff, so you can relax and enjoy the extra time you now have with your family.

Convenience - expert payroll consultants handle the whole process for you, you receive invoices for each pay cycle, and all legalities are taken care of - so you know you're doing the right thing. They have it all covered for you.

Just Family Payroll deals specifically with family payrolls - Nannies, Household Managers, etc - so they are the experts in this field. They will simplify and take ALL of the confusion and hard work out of it for you. 

Better yet, it's just a small monthly fee - all handled for you - from end to end! 


The 'Essential Package' - Do It Yourself

Of course if you fancy yourself as a bit of a payroll master you can do this part yourself!

We will do the recruiting, screening and matching process to secure your ideal Household Manager, and all you pay is a simple one-off recruitment/placement fee.

From there, you to take the reigns and work directly (and blissfully!) with your new Household Manager. 


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