In-Home Childcare

Our nanny agency with over 27 years experience in providing Nannies (In-Home Carers) and Casual Carers (baby-sitters), has many solutions to suit your needs. Call FAO on 136150 to check your eligibility for government approved nannies or In-Home Childcare Assistance.

Household Management

We offer housekeepers, part time or full time, cleaners or professional organizers (also known as declutterers).  We can help to organise & clear that spare room, advise on absolute essentials & provide a planned checklist to further help you.

Careers in Childcare

Nanny needed in Melbourne now. Contact us for immediate placement. We are always on the lookout for great In-Home Child Carers and Educators (aka. Nannies) as well as cleaners and Professional Organisers to work in Melbourne, Victoria.

Nanny Testimonial
Nanny Testimonial
How much does a nanny cost
How much does a nanny cost?
Getting the most out of your nanny
How to Keep Your Nanny.


"The safety and welfare of my children have not been a question I neeeded to ask. At every step of the way my Nanny and Placement Solutions have demonstrated the importance of child safety. Whether in the paperwork, verbal discussions or the dutie s my nanny performs, I have peace of mind, knowing my children are safe and happy when I leave for work."

Katie, Albert Park

I had premature twins at 3 months old (gestational period) and as you can imagine with an illness, looking after twins was a daunting prospect. I called upon Placement Solutions and they sent me a nanny - Rachel. As I was sleep deprived, I explained everything to Rachel the minute she arrived as I needed the sleep. In no time at all we had a routine for the girls. Rachel asked me in meetings what I would like for the girls so that she could implement them in their routine. We discussed the girls playtimes, routines and personal development. I sincerely and seriously mean this - Rachel is a credit to herself, the company and our girls. She works tirelessly from 8 - 6 Monday to Friday day in day out and as it turns out, she is our "Mary Poppins" in more ways than one. I have come to know Rachel and she is a godsend to our family. We really have formed a close bond with Rachel, the girls adore her and I consider her to be my confidant. We thank you for the sleep, feeds and playtimes together with the songs and storytelling.....we all love you Rachel and mum thinks you’re the best..... With love from your twins (with the help of mum typing this of course) Giggles Trace D xxxx

Hear what our nannies have to say about our professional development days.

"The Professional Development days provided by the agency are excellent with relevant speakers, great food and an opportunity to network with other nannies. I would encourage every Nanny working with the agency to make these days a high priority."

Laura B

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  • One of the questions we get most often is “What does it take to become a Placement Solutions nanny?”

    Without putting too fine a point on it, we believe our nannies are some of the highest quality, most professional in-home carers you will find in Melbourne.