Government Approved In-Home Care Provider

CCB /CCR, Nanny Pilot Rebate  and Eligibility

That means that if your family meets the eligibility criteria then we can offer you both the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR) or the Nanny Pilot Rebate for your eligible in-home child care or Nanny services.This is not available to those using only Registered Care i.e. non government approved agencies or those hiring privately.

Click here to download a brochure on Government Approved In-Home Child Care.

Available Government Rebates

Placement Solutions is a Fully Approved Childcare Service - instead of merely being a Registered Service.

CHILD CARE REBATES APPLY TO IN-HOME CARE CLIENTS and not to those who privately or use a registered Nanny Agency

We stress that if you are eligible for in-home care then you are eligible for in-home care rebates right now.

As of July 2016 these vary from $4.49 per child per hour to the minimum of $0.89 per child per hour. You are also eligible for the rebate of up to $7500 per child ,( colloqially known as the 50 percent rebate)  All those eligible for Family Assistance from the Federal Australian Government under the revised guidelines effective on 1/7/2000 are able to claim the rebate through this Agency.