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Lose the stress. Live the dream... Your personal chef, organiser and assistant all in one.

Do you ever dream about what it would be like to have someone to help you with the day to day running of your household? Family Personal Assistant... is there such a thing? 
Introducing Placement Solutions Household Managers!
A Household Manager can help you with:
  • organising and tidying your home, 
  • shopping and errands, including organising trades and paying bills
  • washing and ironing, dry cleaning and
  • can even have a meal on the table before you get home.
And... all of those tasks that you just NEVER seem to get the time to get around to! Sound amazing?
Imagine coming home to find the dishwasher emptied, laundry done and folded, shopping for the week in your fridge and ALL of those 'personal admin' tasks magically done! What would YOU do with your free time then?
And the DREADED Christmas shopping - give the list to your Household Manager and they will take care of it for you - and even wrap the presents! 
All of our Household Managers are experienced, thoroughly reference checked by the agency and we run them through our own licensing method.  We are the only company in Australia licenced to work through the unique Marta Peronne method of housekeeping.

Placement Solutions offers a Household management service that is trusted by many families in Melbourne who relaise the precious value of their spare time.

Contact us today to see how a Household Manager can help you enjoy a more fulfilling life and give you back your time! 

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