Live-In Nannies- Full Time and part time

Following a request from Nannies and Clients to clarify standards for live-in nannies, the following are minimum acceptable standards as adopted by Placement Solutions and as worked out in conjunction with Victorian Wage-line prior to 1999

These standards have also been worked out in conjunction with the guidelines from the International Nanny Association and are in keeping with the provision of a fair and reasonable work agreement.

This is also a directive of the Australian Association of Nanny Agencies of which we were a founding member.

Full Time Permanent live ins

  • All positions are for permanent, full time live-in positions. The nanny is a full time employee of yours if you are not eligible for CCB/CCR rebates.Otherwise we offer a full payroll service and this is appilcable for all government rebated clients.
  • Each family situation is different but a rough formula is that our rates include up to four children in good health and that if housekeeping is required when children are absent i.e. at school, this usually equates to a higher wage.
  • Hours are no more than 10 a day, five days a week. If they are longer an arrangement for time off in-lieu and /or extra money should be negotiated.
  • Two consecutive days off a week are provided for the nanny usually at the weekend.

A furnished bedroom needs to be provided for the nanny. At a minimum a bed and a wardrobe need to be supplied.

Part Time Nanny ( aka colloquially as Au Pairs)

  • only available up to 15 hours per week
  • able to look after school aged children only
  • food and board supplied
  • Nanny wage at award

Government regulation is very explicit in the areas of taxation, work cover and superannuation. Annual leave and sick leave also need to be taken into consideration. We also provide a Nanny payroll service that can take care of all your legal and tax obligations. This means less stress for you and more certainty and continuity for the Nanny.Find it here at Just Family Payroll

Should you have any further questions please contact us today.