Tackling the Festive Season

Tackling the Festive Season

The festive season is finally upon us!

Tackling December with kids in tow is a mean feat but sharing the experience with the children is really what the season is all about. Whether you’re a parent looking at your to-do list wondering how on earth you will get it all done by the end of the month, or a Nanny wondering how to make the most of the exciting festive period by incorporating Christmas cheer into your learning and play schedule this month, whilst also helping the family that you work for prepare for their christmas, check out our handy guide for surviving the Christmas period (with your sanity intact).

Check out our 8 top family & Nanny tips for rockin’ this festive season.


  • Love your lists. It might seem basic, but writing down at the start of the month a written plan, with categorised lists of things to do, things to buy, make, or people to contact, will have you feeling prepared, whilst also giving you an idea of how much time you need to dedicate to actually achieving what you want to. Try and avoid long lists- they’re just unachievable and will have you feeling completely overwhelmed. Try using a website like www.wunderlist.com and write your lists from your computer or phone, set reminders and arrange your tasks into categories.

  • Forget Christmas cards. Send an e-card instead. Still want to seem like you’ve got it all together, but no way that you will get to the post office in time to send Great Aunt Elsa back in the UK a hand-written card? Use a website such as, and easily send your season’s greetings, alongside some latest pictures of the kids easily from your phone.

  • Delegate. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it all. Remember it’s okay to delegate. Whether it’s extending your Nanny’s shift by an hour or two so that you can enjoy some kid-free shopping time, or asking to do a switch with a friend to bank up some free time – “I’ll take your kids Thursday night, if you take mine Saturday morning”. It takes a village to get everything done and asking for help is totally okay. You might even consider getting the kids to help by delegating some specific tasks to them. Make a list of collective jobs that need doing around the home- it might be clearing out the toy area, donating old or unused toys or clothes, or clearing a space so that relatives can come and stay over the festive season. Whatever it is, involving them and talking positively about why you are spending the time sorting or cleaning gearing up to the festive period will have them thinking and getting excited about Christmas.

  • Shop online. Forget spending 2 hours looking for a carpark at your local shopping centre or exhausting yourself with late night shopping. Just shop online. You can score some great bargains, and everything is delivered right to your door. Check out some websites like www.latestbuy.com.au , www.etsy.com or just your regular order from Amazon. By doing some further research you will likely find that your kid’s favourite shops probably have an online shop too! It’s a great way of shopping without adding extra things to your trolley at the counter.

  • Track your spending. Track your spending this Christmas so that you don’t go overboard. Set a budget for each child’s gifts, set a budget for extended family, and stick to it. Check out free apps like Pocketbook, or Track My Spend, to help you keep track of your money goals.

  • Take some shortcuts. Shortcuts are meant to be taken! Not everything needs to be made from scratch, and not every present has to have matching gift-wrapping. Try filling the freezer with some easy go-to party food for any gatherings and prepare some of your Christmas day feast in advance- things like roasted vegetables and stuffing can be made and frozen in advance. As far as presents go- always ask any place you shop at if they do free gift- wrapping, or head to your local shopping centre to find a charitable donation based gift-wrapping service.

  • Buy your groceries online. Skip the frantic carparks, counter-queues and toddler tantrums in aisle 5 by doing your grocery shopping online. Bigger grocery stores will also guarantee that you receive the items that you request, rather than getting to the shops on Christmas Eve to find that there are no carrots left to leave out for Rudolph. Write a list, set a budget, and purchase your Christmas food in advance. It will arrive right at your door.

  • Don’t worry. Lastly, don’t worry about being ‘Instagram perfect’. It’s all about the memories you make, and the fun you create. You can be satisfied that your efforts are “good enough”.