Nanny Share

two children doing handstands

What is Nanny Sharing?

Our Nanny Share program helps families who require access to a Professional Nanny/Educator at an affordable price.

  • Want a Nanny/Educator but need a more affordable option? 
  • Need a child care solution with extra flexibility and certainty?
  • Want one-on-one personal care for your child without missing out on a playmate?

Nanny Share can give you the best of both worlds.

By sharing a Nanny/Educator with another family, you can reduce the cost, while your child still benefits from the high level of personal care and attention you value from a professional PS Nanny/Educator.

Your new Childcare solution!

Forget about having to stress about:

   ✘ Juggling Long Day Care hours
   ✘ Strict Drop-off and Pick-up times
   ✘ Your child picking up germs and getting sick at Long Day Care
   ✘ Making sure your boss lets you leave work on time...
With PS Nanny Share, those days are OVER! 

Sharing a Nanny/Educator with another family is:

   ✓ Affordable - share the cost of a Nanny/Educator with another family

   ✓ Social - your child benefits from one on one care without missing out on a playmate

   ✓ Flexible - agree on the hours you need and whose house the care will be in

   ✓ Trusted - Placement Solutions gives you over 32 years of industry-leading experience, with fully screened, professional Nanny/Educators. 

If you know a family you would like to Nanny Share with, we can match you with one of our highly experienced and screened Nannies, plus provide ongoing support.