Nanny Share

Nanny Share

What is Nanny Sharing?

Our Nanny Share program helps families who require a Nanny access a Professional Nanny at an affordable price.

  • Want a Nanny but need a more affordable option? 
  • Need a child care solution with extra flexibility and certainty?
  • Want one-on-one personal care for your child without missing out on a playmate?

Nanny Share can give you the best of both worlds.

By sharing a Nanny with another family, you can reduce the cost, while your child still benefits from the high level of personal care and attention you value from a professional PS Nanny.

Your new Childcare solution!

Forget about having to stress about:

   ✘ Juggling Long Day Care hours
   ✘ Strict Drop-off and Pick-up times
   ✘ Your child picking up germs and getting sick at Long Day Care
   ✘ Making sure your boss lets you leave work on time...
With PS Nanny Share, those days are OVER! 

Sharing a Nanny with another family is:

   ✓ Affordable - share the cost of a Nanny with another family

   ✓ Social - your child benefits from one on one care without missing out on a playmate

   ✓ Flexible - agree on the hours you need and whose house the care will be in

   ✓ Trusted - Placement Solutions gives you over 29 years of industry leading experience, with fully screened, professional Nannies. 

If you know a family you would like to Nanny Share with, we can match you with one of our highly experienced and screened Nannies, plus provide ongoing support.

We can also assist eligible customers with their Child Care Rebate or Child Care Benefit applications, which can help bring costs down even further.* 

*Please note that within government approved In home childcare this service is known as " Multi-care" and requires pre-approval from the Department of Social Services for each individual family. Placement Solutions will work with you to seek that approval.

Private or Government rebated?

We offer both private and Government Subsidised care (to eligible families).

With our years of experience assisting Melbourne families, we can help you navigate this area to ensure that you both understand your benefits and are compliant with Government requirements. 

Click here to learn more about the Government Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR).

An Application Fee of $150 GST inclusive is payable to process your application*. This is a once only but non-refundable payment.

Following your successful application, we will work with you to select and refine your criteria to ensure you obtain the help you need and want.

It's that simple!

*This fee may not apply for families receiving crisis funding through FAO (Family Assistance Office) in the first 13 weeks, or for single parents.