Baby Organisers

baby sleeping with rubber duck

Get your home baby ready!

Not sure where to start when getting a nursery ready for bub?

The temptation when having a new baby is to buy everything suggested on those 'must-have' lists you find on blogs and social media.

This can lead to the opposite problem - an overabundance of furniture, clothes, toys and books before your baby is even home!

If you need help co-ordinating and putting together a cosy, workable nursery, a PS Baby Organiser has the expertise to help.

What does a Baby Organiser actually do?

Our Baby Organisers can:

  • Child proof and 'Green-ify' your nursery
  • Clear out and de-clutter that spare room 
  • Plan a new nursery, designed to nourish sleep and stimulate play
  • Advise on the absolute essentials
  • Provide a planned checklist to help you transition from early pregnancy to the first few months after birth
  • Help you understand the types of routines your child may need and help set these in place
  • Help you babyproof the rest of your home, and
  • Provide information about green cleaning too!

Our Baby Organiser service is backed by years of hands-on experience dealing with children from newborn to school age.

Let us help you get your ducks in a row before baby arrives!