Client testimonial

Placement Solutions have efficiently found me 2 Nannies over the years. Our most recent Nanny Joyce is diligent, caring and a perfect fit for our family. Their staff have always taken the time to make me feel assured that they can find the best person for my children. I also recently referred them to a friend of mine for a date night babysitter and felt confident knowing that they would find her a great person for the job- and they did! They know what they’re doing, and they do it well.

Claudia Lane - 4-Mar-2020

Nanny-Educator testimonial

I recently joined Placement Solutions’s back in April as a nanny, having worked in Early Childhood for 23 years. Molly and the staff have been so supportive and accommodating, helping place me within a nanny share position.
Five weeks in and I am absolutely loving the families and children. None of this being possible without the professionalism and dedication of Placement Solutions.
Thank you so very much ;)
Tania Dalton

Tania Dalton - 4-Mar-2020

Nanny-Educator testimonial

I’ve really enjoyed my time as a Placement Solutions nanny, which is going on nearly 5 years now, and counting.

The office staff have always been proactive in finding me roles well suited to me (both in personality and location), and I don’t think I’ve been without work unless it’s been my choice which is amazing news for the bank account. It’s nice to be a part of a community that acknowledges and appreciates my skills and experiences, as well as offers me the opportunity to upskill through their Professional Development days each year. It’s also nice to know come tax time that everything is above board and straightforward.

Here’s to the next 5 years! Fingers crossed they’re filled with just as many smiles, laughs and happiness as the last.

Jesssica Comtesse - 4-Mar-2020

Nanny-Educator testimonial

I am very happy working with Placement Solutions. The staff are very supportive and helpful. They have a wide range of clients and they provide wonderful service.

Rachael Allan - 4-Mar-2020

Household Manager testimonial

I highly recommend Placement Solutions if you are looking for a job such as Household Manager. I have had years of experience in this position in America and was looking for the correct agency to point in the right direction after moving back to Australia. I was happy to meet all the wonderful staff at Placement Solutions. I now work for a wonderful family and I couldn't be happier. Molly went above and beyond to help secure the right position for me.

Kristina Jasiewicz - 4-Mar-2020

Nanny-Educator testimonial

Louise Dunham and her family ‘owned business’,are phenomenal!
Along with her highly qualified daughter and Operations Manager, plus all her staff, they are a professional team. They supply Melbourne with outstanding quality, in the ‘nanny service’ they provide.
Louise has always been fundamentally passionate about the ‘safety, care & education’ of young children. Teaching was her profession and this is clear in the way she directs her ‘agency’.
She is superalative with her connections ‘world wide’, from the UK to the USA!
As a Member/ Board Member of the ‘International Nanny Association’, her presence has been integral in the moulding of the ‘Nanny Industry’, for the next generations of children come.
She provides amazing opportunities for her own ‘Nanny Employees’. Always offering formal education, to embrace their need of keeping ‘up to date’ in their field and having a wonderful chance to communicate with each other.
I myself have had a fabulous time with the ‘agency’. I was extremely humbled, to have been awarded
‘Placement Solutions Nanny of the Year 2013’. The prize was a fantastic trip to ‘Los Angeles’,USA. I was able to participate in the ‘International Nanny of the Year’, were I was placed in the Top 4. Being part of the international group was brilliant....on an educational and connecting level. It was the trip of a life time. I will always be incredibly ‘thankful’ to Louise and her very special team!
With a ‘life time’ of commitment, this sets ‘Placement Solutions’ at the top in 2020 and beyond!

Clare Carlisle Stranger - 4-Mar-2020

Client testimonial

I have been using a Nanny through Placement Solutions for over 9 months now. After our first Nanny (who we also loved) left unexpectedly, they went to great efforts to ensure someone else who was also a great fit for our family could be found. My babies just adore their Nanny and I am always confident when I come home at the end of the day that my babies have been well attended to and nurtured. We employed our Nanny through the company for a while and have just transferred to their payroll service. Tax time was easier knowing all of the payroll was taken care of for my Nanny. I always find the office staff go above and beyond and are more than pleasant to deal with.

Sophie Turner - 4-Mar-2020

Nanny-Educator testimonial

I have had some great jobs as a nanny working for Placement Solutions since 2010 when I first started.Currently I have a nanny role with baby twins . The twins mother has gone back to work part time after maternity leave and had concerns about how her babies would go with someone else caring for them.The first couple of days she was in and out to transition them into in home care with me and they soon warmed up to me and are happy in their usual routine in their own familiar environment , feeding well, settling and sleeping well,and playing happily.
Everyone is benefiting, Mum is happy to be able to go to work confident that her precious babies are happy and their needs are met, the babies are happy and secure and are learning to trust people to care for them other than their family, and I am loving the role I have !

Robyn Lambert - 4-Mar-2020

Client testimonial

I have been so impressed with Placement Solutions throughout this whole process. Even though they came highly recommended to me by another mum from work, I was still hesitant to start the process and did put if off for a long time. Their team made me feel so at ease, and were supportive, friendly, and made the effort to get to know exactly what our family’s needs were. We now have a wonderful nanny who both my children and I adore equally, and who makes our lives a little easier each time she comes. I now feel like I am juggling one less ball with her assistance. I am already looking at the budget to see if I will head back to work for one more day, and increase her hours. Thanks again to the team at Placement Solutions. I highly recommend them for all of your home assistance needs.

Patricia X - 4-Mar-2020

Client testimonial

Placement Solutions is the most professional agency I have ever used. I have used multiple Nanny agencies here in Melbourne and Placement Solutions far exceeds all others. Their team are professional, friendly, compassionate and seem to genuinely care about my needs. They have also been incredibly understanding when I have had to change shift times and bookings. Every Nanny I have been sent from their organisation has been truly wonderful with my children. They have helped me feel at ease after multiple poor experiences with other agencies. I highly recommend them.

Punam Roopra - 3-Feb-2020