Your Responsibilities

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Don't fall into the cash trap!

Government regulations are very explicit in the area of taxation, work cover and superannuation. If you employ staff yourself, then you must ensure that all your legal responsibilities have been satisfied.

Please ensure your Nanny/Educator is either:

  • employed by the agency (if temporary - up to 6 months - or if you are receiving Government rebates), or
  • employed by yourself (if ongoing or more than 6 months)

Your Nanny/Educator agency can advise you further and your accountant can offer you the most up to date professional advice. 

If you choose to employ your Nanny/Educator directly, we can help you take care of all employment requirements - so you are fully compliant with the ATO. 

Your Nanny/Educator will be paid fortnightly through our payroll partner Just Family Payroll. All Taxes, Workcover and Superannuation are accounted for, as well as entitlements such as accrued sick and holiday leave.

Fair and legal pay and conditions for all Nannies/Educators!

This is an area that we are passionate about.

Please remember that a good Nanny/Educator is worth looking after and that only a responsible employer can expect the same in return. 

Less stress for you. Respect and certainty for your Nanny/Educator.