Ongoing/Permanent Nanny/Educators

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We can provide different solutions for people searching for ongoing childcare as a solution for their family.

Ongoing/Permanent Nannies/Educators commonly look after children in the home, by taking them out to various daily activities, as well as child-related housework. They develop strong relationships with their charges, and will become an asset to your family, giving you more quality time with your kids when you are their sole carer. 
This can be on either a full time or part time basis. You simply choose the hours you need.

Full-Time Nanny/Educators 

All of our full-time Nannies/Educators are fully screened and meet our high experience criteria, required to join our Nanny tribe. 

Options include 38 to 50 hours, day or night, and live-in or live-out Nannies/Educators.

This means when you hire a full-time Nanny/Educator from us, you can be confident that much of the hard work required to choose the right carer for your children has already been done.

We will only shortlist potential Nannies/Educators that match your requirements, so no time wasting or getting your hopes up about a Nanny/Educator who can't provide what you need. Each role is bespoke and we recruit and match specifically based on your family's needs. 

Hiring a full-time Nanny/Educator can be a wonderful step in the development of your children and family as a whole, so ensure you use a Nanny agency that has proven to exceed the hopes of their clients. 

Part Time Nannies

Along with our full-time Nanny/Educator service, Placement Solutions also offer professional part-time Nannies/Educators for our clients.

Perhaps you need some help, but only a couple of days per week? No problem. 

Our part-time Nannies/Educators will perform similar duties as a full-time Nanny/Educator, just not on a full time basis. This service suits clients who have busy schedules, but have free days where they like to be the primary care giver for their children.

An ongoing part time Nanny/Educator includes any job that is ongoing for more than six months. So you can have some ad hoc hours and pay for what you use. 

Another option we can offer is short term care for up to 1 month.

Private or Government Subsidised?

We offer both Private and Government Subsidised care (to eligible families).

With our 34 years of experience assisting Australian families, we can help you navigate this area to ensure that you both understand your benefits and are compliant with Government requirements. 

An Application Fee of $290.00 (GST inclusive) is payable to process your application*. This is a one time fee but non-refundable payment.

Following your successful application, we will work with you to select and refine your criteria to ensure you obtain the help you need and want.

It's that simple!