Home Management help under your NDIS plan

Home Management help under your NDIS plan

We provide services to you under NDIS to give you help in the home through our team of skilled Household Managers.

Having the assistance of a Household Manager can provide you with the support that you need in the home to assist you tomeet your objectives under your NDIS plan.

Our Household Managers provide the support that you need in order to maintain your home and assist in the household support activities in line with your NDIS home help goals.

How can a Household Manager help me?

  • With general home duties- such as tidying, housekeeping & light cleaning.
  • Meal preparation for you or your family
  • Shopping and meal-planning
  • Assistance in running errands
  • Ironing & laundry assistance
  • Linen changing
  • Assistance in organising or sorting order in your home
  • Assistance with personal administration tasks
We are NDIS Approved

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One of our client services consultants will gladly speak to you about how we can best help you and whether a Household Manager would be right for you.

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