Modern Slavery Act - Anti Slavery Statement

“Placement Solutions is opposed to all forms of slavery or exploitation and seeks to prevent or mitigate risks of exploitation that are linked to their operations or services by their business relationships, even if they have not contributed to those risks. Exploitation is defined in the RSCA* Code for Professional Conduct in the following way:

Exploitation, of one person (the victim) by another person, occurs if the other person’s conduct causes the victim to enter any of the following conditions:

                i.        slavery, or a condition like slavery.

              ii.        servitude.

             iii.        forced labour.

             iv.        forced marriage.

              v.        debt bondage.


The domestic service industry has a long history of exploitation of workers. This exploitation has existed across the world and still does at an unprecedented level today. Australia has not been and is not immune to this. At Placement Solutions we respect and support all of our team of workers. We do this by paying them legally to award with all due entitlements including penalty rates for overtime. We will not condone illegal cash-in-hand arrangements or an offer of board and lodging without the payment of Award payments for work done.”