Outsourcing is not a dirty word...

Busy sign in lights

For YEARS we’ve heard that in BUSINESS you need to work ‘smarter, not harder’. But this week we are pondering, why on earth do we not seem to adopt this approach in our personal lives too??

Are we all too proud of wearing our ‘busy badges’?

So many people wear the ‘busy’ badge like a medal of honour.

But let us ask this: if all your free time is spent juggling tasks and rushing between projects, what sort of quality is your family getting from you, even when you are spending ‘free time’ with them?

Are they getting stressed, tired cranky Mum or Dad - who is proudly ‘doing it all’?

Or are they getting relaxed happy Mum or Dad who knows that they are giving 100% of their quality time and full attention because the laundry (and dishwasher and ironing and bills and grocery shopping and linen and tidying) are ALL going to be looked after?

It’s up to US to enhance our own lives – nobody will do it for us

As we juggle work, family life and our own personal commitments, perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves – what can WE outsource to make our lives more successful?

  • IS spending 3 hours cleaning the house every weekend a must-do, or could this be assigned to a cleaner?
  • Can anyone else handle the organising of all those tradies for that renovation project?
  • Is it time to get a Gardener in once a month so that the afternoon can be spent with the kids at the park?

If your children are school aged, you can even hire a Household Manager to take care of the running of the household groceries, laundry and more – and then pick the kids up from school and have dinner on the table (and more in the freezer!) for when you get home.

How would that change your nightly ‘busy’ levels after you return home?

Use the tools available to you!

These days there are SO many resources available to us that we simply need to get past the fact that it feels like failure when we get help. Instead of an expense, perhaps view these as an INVESTMENT instead, something that contributes in a positive way to your family’s quality of life.