The Importance of Looking after You

Woman on Yoga Mat

The ongoing juggle...

As a parent we all know the feeling of never having enough time in the day.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the family vortex of drop off and pick-ups, going to work, meal preparation and cooking, activities for the kids and of course running a house hold too. The list can go on and on!   

So many parents tend not to prioritise their own time, especially when it comes to their personal fitness and relaxation.  The simple fact of the matter is that making time for yourself reduces stress. 

Taking time to get out and enjoy time away from the family can reduce your irritability factor as well as shifting the focus back on to you for a short time.  Whether it’s taking a pottery class, doing yoga or running on a treadmill, having a time out gives you the chance to recharge your batteries. 

What can we do?

Friends of mine regularly argued about whose turn it was to do the ironing which was so frustrating as they hardly argued about anything else. She then engaged in a weekly ironing service and their arguments stopped and the job was done even better than before! They discovered that by outsourcing this bug bear of a chore that they had more time to spend together when the kids are tucked in bed.  And they no longer have the irritation of working out whose turn is it to do the ironing! 

There are so many ways to help your family and make time for yourself such as engaging a professional organiser, household manager or a date night nanny

The only thing you need to do is enjoy your time out.   


Christine says:
This is so important these days!