The Many Benefits of a Household Manager

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More than just Nanny Educators

Many families don’t realise that we provide more than just in-home child care. We also provide Household Management (HHM) services.

So ‘What is a household manager?’, we hear you ask. It’s true that household management is a widely misunderstood service.

What does a HHM do? 

It can be hard to describe what a household manager does because there are just so many options. Put simply, a household manager is somebody who can assist with a broad range of duties around your home to make your life easier. You might think of them as a family assistant, or a ‘Personal PA’.

Some of the things household managers do for their clients include:

  • tidying up/straightening out the home
  • organising/reorganising cupboards or wardrobes
  • putting out a load of washing, bringing the washing in, folding and ironing
  • cooking a meal, or even a number of meals to fill the freezer
  • shopping, or running other errands
  • coordinating (and being home to meet) other assistants like gardeners, tradespeople, nannies or cleaners
  • organising a party
  • managing the family diary and other administrative assistance.

It’s important to note that household managers are not nannies or child carers, and nor are they cleaners (except for the sorts of basic cleaning and tidying listed above). Household management activities can be treated as one-off or occasional tasks, or they can be routine. Some household managers work a few hours, one day a week with a family while others are more regular. Sometimes household managers are hired to meet a specific need, such as the preparation of meals – occasionally even cooking of a particular cuisine.

Could this be the solution for you? 

While household management is not nannying, there are some cases where the two can be combined, if the person employed has the right qualifications. For instance, a person might act as a nanny before and after school, and a household manager in between. The point is that the roles have distinct duties so someone in ‘nanny’ mode should not be expected to carry out household management tasks.

If you are curious about how a HHM could help you achieve a more balanced lifestyle, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.