Breaking News: Child Wise Accreditation

Breaking News: Child Wise Accreditation

We are very proud to announce that we are the first nanny agency in Australia to have received full accreditation from Child Wise, the leading child protection advocates in the country. It has been an arduous process, two years in the making, and has included the writing of our Child Protection booklet (published in 2013), the dissection of our systems and processes and the training of all nannies at the Speak Up sessions of Professional Development.

Five of the Placement Solutions office staff have been trained and will now be able to facilitate training for our nannies in Child Wise Child Safety. All of our nannies will receive Child Wise training in the coming months.

Child Wise is a non-profit organisation working to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children in Australia and overseas. As a child-safe organisation we need to consider the risks of abuse and approaches to children’s safety and wellbeing. We also need to be open, aware and understanding of child abuse and how to combat it. As an agency we are mandated to report any forms of child abuse – it is an offence if we fail to disclose this. 

We’re proud that our clients can have peace of mind knowing the service we provide makes their children our number one priority. 

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