Further Study Is It For You?

Writing in a notebook with a white pen

New guidelines from the Department of Education are that the minimum qualification for all “In-Home Carers” have a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and care for any rebated care roles. This has motivated many IH Carers without qualifications to apply for further study.

Studying a new course can be challenging for all types of students, but if you haven’t studied formally for years, are working full-time, or have a family, it can seem even more overwhelming.

However, consider the potential benefits of gaining a qualification which can enable you to remain in your chosen field of work, enhance your job options, increase your skill set and increase your income earning potential.

Here are some tips to assist the process of going back to study as enjoyable - and manageable - as possible.


If you’re juggling other commitments including work or family, it’s a good idea to look for courses you can study part-time, or that have an online self-paced component. This will give you some flexibility so you can complete units at a time that suits you best, rather than being stuck to a set timetable.

If you’re able to dedicate more hours to study, a self-paced course could also enable you to finish the course in a shorter time frame - meaning you’ll be on your way to reaching your career goals sooner than you think!


Being organised is key – Before your course commences plan your time well. Review your weekly study timetable. Make sure you properly understand how many study hours you’ll need to commit to each week and take note of all assessments and deadlines in the coming months.

Use weekly and monthly planning tools to create an overview of your commitments. A big wall calendar for reference at home and a weekly diary to use on the go are useful. Having a visual reference to work with can keep you on track and motivated. Try using color coding for key activities.

For example:

  • Purple for study blocks of time
  • Red for Exams/ Assignments/ Deadlines
  • Green for work
  • Blue for family/ social commitments.


Utilise the time you have access to the course facilitator by having a list of questions prepared and get the answers you need in class time or via email. Make full use of any online portals, forums and groups available to you to stay connected with those also studying your course.

Being in a new environment is a great opportunity to make new connections. New friends also studying will make the whole experience more enjoyable as you’ll be able to share your ups and downs of the course together.

It’s also the perfect time to network with people in your industry, whether that’s attending events, reaching out to companies of interest or meeting with recruiters. While you’re studying, you’ll be immersed in your industry, and well-placed to pave the way for landing your dream job.

Nurture Training College  (NTC) will be commencing a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care in September. This will include 3 specific Nanny modules specially written for their course.

NTC are taking expressions of interest currently and are available to take your calls and questions.

Please refer to the Nurture Training College website for specific information.