The importance of a good reference

The importance of a good reference

Your References

One of the many things that you need to think about when applying for a new job are your references. Nothing is more frustrating for recruiters than being unable to get in contact with a candidate’s referee. From the candidate’s point of view, there is nothing more frustrating when applying for a new job, and being unsuccessful in obtaining the role due to a non-contactable reference listed. Once you have had a great phone interview, you have aced your face to face interview; you will need reliable and trustworthy references to back you up. Promoting yourself will only get you so far, it’s your references that can easily make or break you when it comes to getting that great job. So here are some important points that you need to consider.

Inform your Referees to expect a phone call

Once you have determined who your referees will be, you need to ensure that each time you change jobs or apply for a new job, you contact your reference to inform them they may receive a call from your potential new employer. Call them, text them, send them an email, Facebook them, send a message in messenger, however you do it make sure you contact them. The communication can be quite simple ‘Hi, going for a new job as a Nanny with Placement Solutions, they will call for a reference’ Easy! 

What if they have changed their details and not informed you?

People are busy and circumstances change, so it is up to you to follow up and make sure their contact details are up to date. Once you have contacted your reference to inform a reference check phone call is expected, make sure they have confirmed with you. If they don’t reply to you, their contact details have most likely changed. If you are unable to update your reference with their most current contact details, DO NOT list them as a reference.

Give them an update on your career- keep in touch!

It’s important to keep in touch with your reference and keep them informed of any career changes you may have. If you are going to apply for jobs that lead a different path from what you were previously doing, make sure you inform your reference. It is important to give them a heads up on what type of roles you are applying for and ensure their reference check will be relatable and appropriate. If you have been a mechanic and decide to apply for roles as a nanny, the reference will mostly likely not be relevant (not to mentioned the experience required). Therefore, it is important to ensure your references are relevant to the job role.

Don’t give a reference if you don’t know what they will say about you

Make sure that your reference will provide you with positive feedback. Negative feedback will result in an unsuccessful job opportunity. There may be circumstances where they point out a weakness of yours, however, you want the majority of the feedback to be good, strong positive feedback. If you are unsure if your reference will provide this, make the call and ask them. If they are not willing to tell you or are not going to give you positive feedback DON’T list them as a reference.

In short, contact your reference, checks their contact details, keep them informed about your career, and ensure that all references listed will provide great feedback. This will cover all aspects and ensure that you get your dream job!!