The importance of asking the RIGHT questions

The importance of asking the RIGHT questions

Asking questions throughout your whole placement process is crucial for ensuring you understand everything you need.

Here are some important questions to ask to be successful in your role!

Interview Stage

Whether this be in the initial stages with the agency or with your Family, it is very important to understand what is expected of you and what will be required in the role.

  • Agency: What do you expect from your nannies?
  • Agency: What do you expect out of me when I am working with families?
  • Agency: What qualities do you look for in your nannies?
  • Agency: How am I employed and what are my employment obligations?
  • Family: What are your parenting techniques?
  • Family: What is your routine? If they don’t have one, are you happy for me to assist in implementing a routine?
  • Family: What are the children’s interests?
  • Family: What are important qualities/developmental stages you wish for me to educate your children?

First Day

Some of the questions from your interview stage will carry over into the first day as well, especially where you have not met the family and only spoken with them verbally!

  • Family: Have you got an example routine?
  • Family: Important techniques/strategies you need for me to implement with the children?
  • Family: Household Rules – ensure you know these from your side & from the children’s side to implement.
  • Family: Where are all the toys, play equipment, arts & crafts etc.
  • Agency: What documents are mandatory to fill in? To what extent of information is required?
  • Agency: What information do I need to report to the agency and what information do I just liaise with the client for?

Remember that no question is too big or too small. We encourage you to ask and learn everything you possibly can to ensure you have the appropriate tools to complete your important role as an In-Home Child Educator to the best of your ability!