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I came from Ireland to live and work in Melbourne

Hi my name is Fiona.

I came from Ireland to live and work in Melbourne for 6 months and I was blessed in that time to find Placement Solutions (PS).

Coming from a teaching background, I actually never planned on working as a nanny while in Australia but that is exactly what I ended up doing and how glad I am that I did because it has been an amazing experience.

From the first moment I walked into the office of Placement Solutions I felt very welcome and I knew this was the place for me. After guiding me through the steps towards being placed in a home, it wasn't long before the team had found me a family to work with and I was ringing the doorbell to my new job and surrogate family for the next few months.

I was so happy to be helping out a family and working with children again but when I saw the tears of gratitude in the mother's eyes on the first day, it really made me realise what an important job I had and how valid the work that PS does is.  I love being a teacher but I don't think I ever felt more appreciated in my work than I did as a nanny in my time with PS.

I am back home in Ireland now and I am still in touch with the family. Mum may have cried on day 1 but it was me who had the tears on the last day!

I want to say a big thank you to all of the staff in PS for your support to me along the way. I always knew that when I had a query I had someone (esp Kerrie) on the end of the phone to ring and I know I made use of it plenty of times so thank you for all your patience and kindness.

All the best,

Fiona - 28-Dec-2015
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