10 tips of entertaining children inside this winter!

10 tips of entertaining children inside this winter!

With winter fast approaching we are finding ourselves slowly losing daylight, sunshine and the lovely warm days! We will soon be cooped up inside with heaters on, rugged up, hot chocolates and going stir crazy! Now is the time to start planning ahead to ensure that you have plenty of ideas to keep the children happy and ensure that they are not consistently asking for things to do!

10 inside activity ideas

1. Baking & decorating cakes/cookies

2. Indoor hopscotch grid using masking tape

3. Start a sing-a-long

4. Indoor picnic, everyone pick something out and make a dish

5. Build a pillow fort

6. Collect family photos and make a photo album/scrapbook

7. Indoor basketball using a bucket and rolled up sock

8. Try some child friendly Yoga stretches

9. Make origami

10. Play card/board games

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