Nanny Pilot versus Rebated Care

Nanny Pilot versus Rebated Care

Did you know that the nanny pilot has started?!  It is a ‘new’ initiative proposed by the government to assist families who cannot access normal rebated care. Basically it is the same eligibility as normal in-home care requirements except you aren’t using up your CCR/CCB.  We as an agency have been selected for regional and rural Victoria and hope to help as many families as we can.

The Government will be investing $60 million over two years for the Nanny Pilot Programme. The government realises there is a need for increased flexibility for families and recommended nannies should be part of the mainstream child care system. The Nanny Pilot Programme aims to provide an additional care option that is more flexible and accessible for families experiencing difficulty in obtaining care due to non-standard hours, living in remote or rural areas, and other access issues, such as the need for multiple care types for their children. These were already available for families for normal in home care with rebates but they realise the rebates run out quickly and have put money into this area to help boost child care options for families.

There are certain requirements for having a nanny through this pilot. Nannies must have a current first aid and CPR, Working with Children Check, minimum of 18 years of age, cannot be a family member and used through a Government approved service provider. We as an agency strive to provide the best nannies possible to look after your biggest assets and will not be lowering our standards. All our nannies must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in child care, have their working with children check, first aid and police check. They are heavily screened, reference checked, interviewed and inducted prior to starting any position where a child is involved.

If you need in-home care through the nanny pilot program please contact one of our friendly team today!

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