I found the whole procedure from initial interview, follow up emails and induction very thorough and friendly.

I feel I have been very well informed and feel I could confidently contact any of the staff with any queries I may have.

At present I feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of documentation required but I believe once I get started, it will become familiar and less overwhelming.

Annamaria M - 11-Jul-2017


Our nanny was fantastic!

I can't thank Placement Solutions enough for your efficient and professional service.

Mariette B - 31-May-2017


There were challenges that I had to overcome to get the care I needed but in the end it was well worth it once she came. I'm so grateful to Anita for her support and education of my children over this period when I was unable to give the twins all the time that was needed at that particular stage.

Anita's humour, caring attitude and passion was there from day one and has helped my boys blossom into amazing individuals who have a passion for books and music, amongst other things. She was always engaging with the children and her kind nature consistently shone through.

Anita and her capabilities will be missed by our family now that her term has ended here, however we are very appreciative of both her time and to Placement Solutions for their support and assistance in their placing of Anita with us.

Claire D - 27-Apr-2017


Throughout the recruitment process I felt welcome, supported and well informed.

Thank you for your professionalism at all times.

Celia T - 30-Jan-2017


From the first phone call I received from Placement Solutions the staff have been lovely and welcoming.

The staff demonstrate a genuine interest in you and are easy to talk to. Very prompt in regards to answering e-mails and phone calls.

I'm very satisfied with my experience in applying for work.

Raegan S - 5-Jan-2017


Nervous to begin with, but soon felt very reasurred and confident after speaking with Sonja.

Thank you for your support.

Simone S - 28-Nov-2016


Love it, excited for my new journey

Karen T - 18-Nov-2016

I appreciate how Placement Solutions staff have been so friendly and helpful in offering advice, support and training to make me feel confident in my work as a nanny.

It is very rewarding to see the children respond to my care and teaching, and to partner with the parents in the training of their 'most treasured.'

Robyn L - 14-Nov-2016

Mikaele has been supportive and professional. The induction she conducted was well presented and thorough.

I have to say I am really impressed with your company thus far and shall definitely be recommending you to others in future.

Khakhashan K - 2-Nov-2016

Loved this family, very friendly and easy going.

Children wonderful and I had a lot of fun with them.

Anonymous Nanny - 12-Oct-2016