NSW says simplify the system

The NSW Government has called for the simplification of the Child Care Benefits and Child Care Rebate system in its submission to the Productivity Commission.

Child care for corporate competitive advantage

Greater work force participation by women is seen as important for national competitive advantage and child care is a key solution but what about corporate competitive advantage?

Business Council of Australia submission to Productivity Commission inquiry into child care

The recent Business Council of Australia (BCA) submission into child care in Australia highlights the significant financial disincentives associated with getting child care in Australia.

Child care rebate unfrozen?

The Australian newspaper  is today reporting that the government has allowed legislation to pass that doesnt provide for a child care rebate freeze. Labor went to the election promising a child care rebate freeze and the Abbott government looking for budget savings has reiterated it is seeking to lower costs here. Labor now stands with the Greens in opposition to a child care rebate freeze.

Placement Solutions in the news

Placement Solutions CEO Louise Dunham and Nanny of the Year Ms Clare Carisle Stranger were interviewed for an article that appeared in The Age on Sunday March the 23rd.

The article reports on Ms Stranger's success as Nanny of the Year in Australia and being short listed for the International Nanny of the Year competition to be announced in Los Angeles on March the 27th.

Australia will be represented at the International Nanny Association (INA) annual conference by Louise Dunham who is on the INA board.