Placement Solutions supports VAMCHN

Placement Solutions supports VAMCHN

Placement Solutions supported the Victorian Association of Maternal and Child Health Nurses (VAMCHN) bi annual conference in Bendigo on the 27th of June 2014.

Women in Medicine

Placement Solutions was proud to sponsor the Women in Medicine event from the AMA.

Successful Nanny Sharing

One of the things I often hear people say about hiring a Nanny is that it is “only for the rich”.  While it is obviously true that using in-home childcare will be more expensive than using a childcare centre, the benefits of a Nanny can be made more accessible when a Nanny is shared.

Wot's in a name?

“Wot’s in a name,” she sez? Some common sense, please.  Remember when ‘human resources’ was called ‘personnel’? When ‘team members’ and ‘associates’ in department stores were called, simply, ‘staff’? Over the years the names of many jobs have been changed in an attempt to improve perceptions of them. Sometimes these changes makes sense, but sometimes they do nothing but cause unnecessary confusion.

Melbourne Nannies are not just baby sitters.attend back to basics professional development.

It was very refreshing to hear the two speakers at our first professional development seminar of the year, which we held last month. Both were down-to-earth and keen to bust some of the myths that have grown up around childcare. Our Melbourned based nannies at Placement Solutions are not just babysitters. We pride ouselves on the professional development we run and the quality of the nannies we attract as a consequence. Better nannies make for better quality childcare all round and the nanny services we offer across Melbourne are exemplary.