Nervous before your interview? Try these tips and be at your best.

Are you applying at the moment and faced with your first interview or do you remember your last interview?  How did you feel about it?  If you are like many of us the interview might have caused you a fair amount of excitement and nervousness, maybe even anxiety.  Do you think it influenced your performance?  Did you fail to get a good night’s sleep beforehand as you were thinking too much about the upcoming interview?  Did your voice crack?  Did you come up with your best answers after you left the room?  If so, be reassured, you are not alone.  But just because you are not alone doesn’t mean you have to be this way.  Follow our tips and tricks and ensure you are at your best for your next interview.

Top Tips for Phone Interviews

When applying for jobs it's more than likely that you will be contact via phone prior to attending a face to face interview. Phone interviews are critical to recruiters as they assist them in short listing applicants and ensuring that the applicant meets the selection criteria.

Phone interviews can make you a little nervous and because you don't always know when you will receive the call, you may feel a little unprepared. If you follow our top tips they will assist you in being prepared and will increase your chances of getting a face to face interview.

Interviews Matter

Of course, all of us understand that looking after children is so important that face-to-face interviews are a necessity for all nannies before they can start a job. These interviews don’t need to be with the family directly, agencies have the qualification and staff to thoroughly identify whether the position offered is suitable for you.

Unlike often perceived interviews are not only for the employer. After all it comes from the French s’entrevoir which means to see each other.  While the employer will of course see you, you will also see the employer which gives you the chance to get more information on the position and whether you can imagine committing to the job and enjoying your work. In the long run having realistic expectations at the interview and knowing what you want from a job can lead to a more fulfilling work life.

You are professional be treated professionally

With the Nanny pilot scheme on the horizon and nannies receiving new attention we thought it is a good time to bring back to mind a fundamental truth in the in-home childcare sector. You are a professional, be treated as one. This means you should be legally employed.