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Further Study Is It For You?

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New guidelines from the Department of Education are that the minimum qualification for all “In-Home Carers” have a Certificate 3 in Early childhood Education and care for any rebated care roles. 

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Nanny Resource Box/Bag

Childrens toys, teddy bear and blackboard

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to a Nanny starting in a new placement is to have a resource box or bag/s. It doesn’t have to have expensive items in it, but it should be relevant to the children you are currently working with. 

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Referrals- why not use them?

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One of the best avenues that is generally forgotten is the good old ‘it’s not what know, it’s who you know’ theory. Word of mouth or referrals are one of the most underused resource an applicant has... however, used correctly can maximise your opportunities greatly. 

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Dreaming big on the future of child care

Louise from Placement Solutions

I don’t often read my horoscope though I did notice the other day that it said something about not assuming everyone around you is on the same page. This is actually sound advice, particularly when it comes to talking about child care.

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Outsourcing is not a dirty word...

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For YEARS we’ve heard that in BUSINESS you need to work ‘smarter, not harder’. But this week we are pondering, why on earth do we not seem to adopt this approach in our personal lives too??

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