Does your workplace reflect your values?

We are flexible. We are connected. We are incredibly open and we travel more than for example my grandparents ever even dreamed about. I moved 16,Son343 km from the middle of Germany to Melbourne in order to work where I work. I can’t even start to count all the different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures my friends, acquaintances and colleagues have; the diversity is enchanting. Different cultures, different food, different music, religion, political views. And in the middle of all this variety is you, an individual with your own culture, values and priorities. There is little doubt that in order to be happy and live  a satisfying life you need to be in an environment that is in line with your own culture, your own set of values; a place where you can be yourself. Considering that you spend an average of 8 hours of your day at work you can do the maths and will find that your workplace should definitely be a place that reflects your own values.

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