The way we are what memories are made of

The way we are  what memories are made of

Recently I’ve been helping my friend archive her old family photos for safekeeping and it got me thinking about memories.   Memories are so precious to most of us – I think you’d agree.  Especially precious are memories and photos of loved ones lost, old friends, family, good times, travel destinations and of course the reminders we keep around the home - all the “stuff” that is meaningful to us.  Apart from evoking (hopefully) pleasant memories, these pictures and tid bits also represent a good part of our history.  They tell a story about who we are, who is (or was) important in our lives, our likes and dislikes and a plethora of other information.  Sometimes, they are a talking point at dinner parties and the mere mention of a souvenir or photograph triggers a storytelling exchange between friends.

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