Further Study Is It For You?

Writing in a notebook with a white pen

Studying a new course can be challenging, but if you haven’t studied formally for years, are working full-time, or have a family, it can seem even more overwhelming.

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Nanny Resource Box/Bag

Childrens toys, teddy bear and blackboard

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to a Nanny starting in a new placement is to have a resource box or bag. No better way to impress a little one!

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Referrals- why not use them?

Pink telephone handset - hello

Word of mouth or referrals for Nanny jobs is one of the most underused resources an applicant has, however, used correctly can maximise your opportunities greatly. 

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Dreaming big on the future of child care

Louise from Placement Solutions

I’ve been ‘dreaming big’ about what child care could look like. What is ‘best practice’ when it comes to in-home care, or what could it be?

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Outsourcing is not a dirty word...

Busy sign in lights

As we juggle work, family life and our own personal commitments, perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves – what can WE outsource to make our lives more successful?

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Too much clutter, not enough time?

Woman with hands on head surrounded by mess

Placement Solutions' Professional Organisers will come out and meet with you for a consultation during which they will run through exactly what you are looking for.

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Is your Social Media Job-Ready?

Woman looking at iphone in her hands

This is even more important when working in Nannying and Household Management where trust, role modelling and confidentiality are of the utmost importance

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We Need to Talk About Au Pairs

Woman with a child reading childrens book

If there is one aspect of the in-home care industry that causes more ongoing confusion than anything else, it must be the distinction between au pairs and Nannies. 

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Expecting a baby? A Newborn Care Specialist can assist.

Pregnant woman with hands on bump

A newborn care specialist will assist with organising your nursery and how to set it up properly to make sure your child is always safe, happy and healthy

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Maintaining your Professional Development

Workshop room full of attendees

The responsibility for maintaining your Professional competencies is yours, so please review this annually to stay compliant with the industry standards.

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